Glee Live 2011

I’ve been pretty fortunate when it comes to meeting the Glee cast. Between stage dooring during Glee Live 2010 and dumb luck at Glee Live 2011, I managed to snag everyone’s autograph (minus Lea, Chord, and Darren). The cast didn’t sign in Vegas during the tour in 2011, but a couple of girls and I went and camped out before the show in the area we thought might be the stage door. Over the span of a couple of hours, we saw Kevin, Ashley, Chris, Heather, and the Warbler boys.

It was getting close to the start of the concert, so we figured no one else from the cast would be coming. But then who comes walking up to the side door from outside the hotel but CORY FREAKING MONTEITH. He was alone without any security and I don’t really know where he came from but it was amazing! He walked in and you could tell he wasn’t expecting to see any fans there, because he did a double take and then peeked around the corner to make sure there wasn’t a mob of girls hiding. We assured him that it was just us so he relaxed and said he could stay "as long as you don’t scream." So he posed for pictures and signed autographs and was just so charming, warm, friendly, and down to earth. He just makes you feel relaxed when you’re around him- not intimidating at all. You can tell he thinks he is nothing special and is so unaffected by his fame. All the nice things you hear about Cory are completely and totally true. He’s just a nice guy. I can’t say enough good things about him. And oh, oh is he gorgeous in person. Those dimples, that face♥!!!!!

He was so precious- at one point a girl was having trouble with her camera and he said "If you want, I can help you with that. I’ve become a bit of a camera expert over the last few years." and then did that adorable Finn half smile he’s famous for.

tl;dr - Cory is as sweet and genuine as everyone says he is.

You’re welcome to use this picture on your website, but please ask permission before you do so.

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